How to buy MultiCoins (MTC) in three easy steps

ICO contribution made easy: A quick guide to buying MTC in less than 10 minutes through our fully automated KYC process

In this article, we will discuss how to buy MultiCoins, Multiven’s Cryptocurrency. MTC is an ERC-20 compatible token, meaning that it lives on the Ethereum blockchain. You will thus have to acquire it using Ether and the MTC tokens will be stored on your Ethereum address.

To get started, you will need some cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin or other. If you don’t have any, read the prerequisite, if you already do (yay), head to the second part!


Prerequisite: starting in the cryptocurrency world, first cryptocurrency purchase

  1. If you are not familiar at all with cryptocurrencies, I would advise to read up on Bitcoin, and Ethereum. You will find many resources online, do your research!
Holding your Private Keys

2. Now that you are familiar with blockchain technology, let us move forward. The private keys that control your holdings are stored in a cryptocurrency wallet. You will need to create a software, hardware or paper wallet to use your cryptocurrency. You can follow the instructions at which explain the process well or use the MetaMask extension; for even more safety you can use a hardware wallet like Ledger or Trezor.

3. Once that is setup, you will need to actually buy some cryptocurrency with common currency (fiat). You can do that on exchanges, like Coinbase (accepts credit cards), Bitfinex, Kraken etc. Register on one of them, and follow their instructions to make your first trade. Have your ID at hand as they will require a proof of your identity. The KYC (Know Your Customer) process could take some time.

Do not leave your cryptocurrency on exchanges, as you do not own the private keys that control your funds.

Using your exchange’s interface, transfer the funds to one of the addresses generated by your hardware or software wallet (2). You are now the only one that controls your cryptocurrency!

Acquiring MultiCoins in three simple steps:

From Euros to Ether to MultiCoins!

1) Head to and click on the buy MTC button which will launch the MTC shopping cart provider app Pelikan.

 Multiven’s landing pageMultiven’s landing page

The link will redirect you to the site of our partner Pelikan. It is the first fully integrated token acquisition portal, with embedded KYC (Know Your Customer) process. Create an account with your email address, and you will then receive a confirmation email to validate your account.

2) Personal information and KYC

In a second step, fill in your personal information and have your ID at hand for the KYC process: we need to know who is contributing to our ICO. You can upload any type of official identity document.


Very convenient and fast KYC processing

Once the verification process is complete, you will reach the final step: acquiring MultiCoins.

3) Sending Ether to the MultiCoin Smart Contract

In order to pay for MultiCoins, Pelikan provides multiple convenient options:

Pelikan Payment options
  • If you have MetaMask or Ledger, the transaction will be automatically configured and you will just need to approve it. You will receive an email confirming the address which will hold the tokens.
  • If you do not have MetaMask or Ledger but are using MyEtherWallet or any other compatible wallet, you will need to validate your address first. Copy and paste the public address you want to use in the validate address field. Once the address is validated, you can manually send the amount from your Wallet to the indicated address. Do not forget to set the apropriate Gas limit. You can read more on gas here.

You can check then check the status of your transaction on

Note: If you own a cryptocurrency other than Ether or do not have enough, you will be able to acquire more through the integration of in Pelikan. There is a Buy ETH link at the bottom of the page of each payment method.

Receiving your MultiCoins

Well done! You will receive your MultiCoins immediately upon purchase, at the address you specified during the transaction and they will be unlocked 2 weeks after the end of the ICO.


Our ICO is live, get involved at ?

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Photo credits:, Multiven