For a beautiful, decentralized future — An introduction to Multiven and its upcoming ICO

A 13 year old company, built on strong beliefs

Multiven is the world’s first and only, independent and apolitical provider of software integrity maintenance and cyber-defence services for all the Blockchain nodes and network hardware that make up the global internet infrastructure. We founded Multiven in 2005, on the belief that the internet should be safe, free, and open to everyone.

We managed to regroup the world’s top network experts to assist us and build a decentralized company, before blockchains

Today, 1200 of the world’s leading network experts, security researchers and cryptographers, decentralized across 55 countries, along with our proprietary artificial intelligence mySolvr, help us to maintain and secure our customers’ networks worldwide.

multiven pingsta
Pingsta Dashboard, showing late Hal Finney, joined in 2007 & the first person to run a public Bitcoin Node

This network, called Pingsta, was created in 2007 to achieve Multiven’s goal to be a 100% distributed technology company. When one of our clients experiences a network problem, mySolvr initially steps in as the customer is describing the issue. If mySolvr does not have a known solution, then the task is automatically multicast to all Pingsta community members with matching technology expertise for the problem at hand. One of them accepts and resolves the issue and gets compensated per task, in fiat.

The steps taken to solve the issue are then automatically saved into the database which help enrich our artificial intelligence engine- mySolvr, who in turn pushes the fixes proactively to all existing customer platforms, similar to the one that was just fixed.

Today, businesses of all sizes like IKEA, McAfee, Pepsi and many more trust us with more than a million of their network devices. We provide companies with the right tools to manage, maintain, defend their global Internet network infrastructure against cyberattacks and soon trade it on a peer-to-peer basis.

A Testimony from one of our Clients, ITS Group, a french IT consulting group

Our Vision — the end of Internet infrastructure monopolies which endanger the internet, through the blockchain

We have a long history of customer advocacy

Multiven has been a staunch supporter of the Internet’s freedom for years, trying to make the Internet a better, safer and more accessible place. We do believe that, after the wheel, the Internet is mankind’s second greatest invention, because it connects us seamlessly across borders and allows us to freely communicate.

Today however, a few actors control 70% to 80% of our communication through a quasi-monopoly of internet routing hardware. We have always considered this unfair and a threat to the whole internet, and successfully fought against it, winning major cases against Cisco (more to come on that), at great personal cost.


Nick Szabo, inventor of Bit Gold an pioneer of smart contracts, on the dangers of centralization

The rise of blockchains is the next frontier. They offer what we have always advocated for: freedom, accountability, openness. Bitcoin and its underlying blockchain technology, in our humble opinion, is mankind’s third greatest invention, because it enables us to transact, on a peer to peer basis, without borders, intermediaries nor trusted third parties.

But today the hardware and software centralization we know only too well radically undermines and endangers the concept of blockchains themselves. It leaves them open to all sorts of malicious attacks, especially from powerful states or state-sponsored organisations.

Here is our plan for the decentralized future:

At Multiven, we firmly support the freedom, transparency and positive socio-economic impact that Bitcoin and other public cryptocurrencies represent. Accordingly, to ensure their future, we aim to harden the cyber-defenses of nodes against ‘centralisation attacks’ and foster their further decentralisation, as follows:

1. Launch a blockchain-based open marketplace for new, pre-owned and decommissioned computer & Internet network hardware & software, and thus enable unprecedented peer-to-peer transactions in this otherwise silo-ed $3 Trillion market. The secondary goal of the marketplace is to dramatically lower the cost of buying and running a node, so that people in emerging markets can acquire & operate them more affordably.

2. Provide free cyber-defense for Bitcoin and Ethereum nodes and their Internet gateways, by using some of the transaction fees generated in the marketplace to compensate the Pingsta decentralised global pool of Internet experts, security researchers and cryptographers maintaining and protecting said nodes.

3. Expand the decentralisation of Bitcoin nodes into space by researching, designing (based on commodity hardware and open-source software), and launching into low-orbit, Bitcoin Nodes, powered by Delay-Tolerant Networking protocol.

multiven goals

We are relentlessly working on this project, which we believe will unlock tremendous value for all its stakeholders and help the world confidently embrace the change blockchain technology will bring.

We will launch the MultiCoin, an ERC20 compatible token, to fuel this Marketplace, compensate its actors and fund future groundbreaking technology to keep blockchains safe.

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Thanks for the read and see you soon!

The Multiven Team

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Photo credits:, Multiven